Donate to the Friends

We need your donations and support to continue and increase our financial support of many Refuge programs. Here are some of the current projects that need funding:

Environmental Education Coordinator

The Refuge runs the education program without a staff position responsible for the program. We would like to fund a full time position to manage the quality programing needed for this growing educational activity.
Yearly Cost:$30,000

AmeriCorps Intern

We currently provide the agency share match for two AmeriCorps interns to coordinate and manage the Education program. These volunteers serve for ten months and are requested through the Washington Service Corps.
Yearly cost: $9,000

Outdoor Activity Materials

Students spend a portion of their field trip time on the Refuge trails using educational materials that are in regular need of upkeep.
Yearly Cost: $2,000

Classroom Materials

Students participate in hand-on activities in the Education Center. The teachers choose lessons that supplement classroom learning. The activity materials need on-going revision and maintenance.
Yearly Cost: $2,000

Nature Explore Area

This outdoor space is designed so that children ages 2-10 can interact and explore nature in a fun and meaningful way under adult supervision. The area will regularly require new materials and additional native plants.
Yearly Cost: $2,000

Education Guide Printing

“Where the River Meets the Sound: An Educator's Guide to Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge” provides teachers site specific information critical for a successful and educational field trip.
Yearly Cost: $3,000

“Eye on Nature” Program

This training is offered in partnership with the Nisqually River Education Program., the Nisqually Reach Nature Center and ESD 113. Students receive both classroom instruction and a field trip to the refuge where they learn a citizen science activity called “Nature Mapping”.
Yearly Cost: $7,000

Bus Transportation

Many teachers cannot bring students to the Refuge because there is not funding for buses. You can support student field trips by paying the cost of the bus transportation.
Average Bus Cost: $400

Please consider making a generous donation today!

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Thank You to Our Photographers

Thank you to the following photographers for allowing us to use their photos of Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge on this site:

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